Monday, February 7, 2011

quick one ,

Hye !

Salam ,

( motif : seems like im happy with my currently jobless life , butterflies and rainbow above my head , happy thought people ! )

nothing much to say here , but lately kan .i think my life progress begin to keep going down the hill . ahah . since CNY punya hols , i have no a must to do activity .

erm , probably due to no mandarin classes for a week .then , driving class pun havent start yet . sob sob sob .this coming 23rd Feb is my first class on the road .And the last session is on Mac . So , i bet to get P is way more longer than i thought . But its okay .

And guitar class is coming , this Wednesday . Im hoping to have fun there , and ohh
yah bout my plan to loose some weight . ahah . im working on it baby ! ( like really Fyna ? stop bluffing around lah . get serious ! )

And as im full time housewife ( meaning : duduk rumah sahaja ) , now i think i had become ASTRO most loyal customer ever . i watch every single movie / drama , currently become a fan of Junior Masterchef , Glee season 2 , Box office movies ( excluded horror movie , its obviously not my cup of tea ) . though actually astro love to roll on the same movie again and again . ermm .

I think thats it , im gonna move my butt from my comfy bed , do somethinng
serious / good for the world . haha . i hve been thinking to revise
my mandarin notes since this morning .
But till now , ermm . okay then .

See ya soon .

Adios people !

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  1. trust me, ur not the ONLY Astro most loyal customer. haha. =)