Friday, March 12, 2010

long way to go.

i need more effort.

i need more strength

melihat suasana result SPM 09 keluar , bukan lah satu GOOD SIGN for me,
ini menandakan saya makin dekat dekat dekat dgn my SPM.
im done with my PK1. and saya skit pon tak satisfied .
atas kesalahan diri sendiri. i know.
im having my HARD time , so hope i can forgive maself for takin those UNRATIONAL actions.

"cuba maafkan diri anda dahulu sebelum memaafkan orang lain "
" cuba cari salah diri sendiri dahulu sebelum menuding jari kepada orang lain "

kepada siapa2 yg saya dah abaikan , marah , lupa , tidak bercakap.
( beloved family , dearest friends and beloved one )




for accepting my apology .



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

nurture OR nature?




well dear frens, anybody aint perfect , as we know perfections only belongs to THE ONLY & MIGHTY. im not here to critic ppl. normal lah kan , human being , tersilap cakap , tersalah buat , tapi dun easily judge ppl :) me maself pon somtimes ada TERjugak, tapi cepat2 lah reflectkan diri , then we will know what we syud speak out loud and which one we just have to keep it silent.

" awat dy buat cam tu ha? B*DO kah apa ha?? "
" apa lagi yang dia maw ha ? "
" trok sgt ka sampai dy leh bertindak mcm tu? "

see, kdg2 kita tertanya2 soklan ni , tapi biarlah kat dia tu . xsemesti someone tu bole jadi yg TERBAIK untk semua org . mayb dkt si A he/she is the best match, perfect. but for si B. mayb not . so, xpyh persoalkan, suma tu. everything happened for reasons.

and kadang2 kita kena go through sndiri situation tu then bru kita akn faham.

maaflah kpd sesiapa if i do made mistake , wateva u guys call it stupid mistake , morroon , blinds, but THIS IS ME & MY LIFE. sebab saya pon da problems yg BANYAK jugak. everybody have :)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

period pain

well, kepada semua kaum hawa. anda perlu ingat anda istimewa, anda hebat , sebab tu masalah bnyak dtg kat anda. banyak sakit anda kena tanggung. itu menjadikan anda seorang yg tabah dan kuat :)

one of em is PERIOD PAIN , for those yg blom deliver baby lagi la. sbb lahirkan anak lagi sakit.jadi, ( hargailah ibu anda ) :D

ada yg smpai phobia bila date dy dh dkt. mood suma dh tuka , kn?


As your body gets ready to break down the extra lining on the wall of your womb (uterus) it releases hormones called prostaglandins. These hormones trigger the muscles in your womb (uterus) to contract and push the lining out of your body through your vagina. (They're the same muscles that push a baby out of the womb during labour so they're pretty strong!) So why is it that you suffer from period pain when your friend hardly notices it? It could be because you have higher levels of prostaglandins which make the muscles in your womb (uterus) contract harder or faster. Or because the blood supply to your womb (uterus) decreases during the contractions so there's less oxygen reaching this part of your body, making the muscles cramp even more. Nobody really knows for sure - it's just one of those annoying facts of life that doesn't seem quite fair.


  • Curl up on the sofa or in bed with a hot water bottle (or a microwave heat pack) to warm your abdomen or lower back.
  • Take a long soak in a warm bath with aromatherapy oils to help you relax.
  • Gently rub your abdomen or get someone to give you a back massage.
  • Try not to wear tight clothes just before and during your period.


  • Do some gentle exercise - it's probably the last thing you feel like when you're doubled up with stomach cramps but exercise can help to ease the pain by relaxing the muscles in your womb (uterus) and increasing the blood supply to your pelvis. It may also help to lower the levels of prostaglandins, the hormones thought to be a cause of period pain.
  • Aerobics, running and swimming are all good forms of exercise to help relieve period pain. You could also go for a brisk walk or lie down and cycle with your legs in the air.
  • Stretch out - stand up straight and imagine there's a piece of string running from your heels, up your legs and spine and out through the top of your head. Pull in your stomach and breathe deeply as you imagine someone pulling slowly on the string so you're stretched up tall.


  • Lifestyle changes can also make a real difference to period pain and PMS. Here's a few things you could try:
    • Eat foods that are high in fibre, including plenty of salads and vegetables.
    • Eat less salt and drink more water. This can help prevent water retention that leaves you with that bloated feeling.
    • Cut down on sugary foods, chocolate, cakes and biscuits.
    • Cut down on sugary drinks - have mineral water or pure fruit juice instead.
    • Try a vitamin B6 supplement or one that contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA) such as starflower oil or evening primrose oil. Both are thought to help maintain hormonal balance.

maybe its quite hard for us nak totally loss the period pain , hilang mcm magic tu kan. impossible, but we may try to LESSEN the pain. thats all wat we can do. :)

im having the same pain every month, sebab tu terdetik hati nk post these thinggy. :D im tryin both modern & traditional ways btw. hope i will be gettin better each months. aminn. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

friday :D

here come my veryy first post :)

it just dat i dun reli hve time lah. huu. sgt busyy , and yet
now exam week plak . so this nite meng-sengkangkan mata not to study lah, but neh la ON9. bigg problem! :D

my exact plan is : baca sejarah . well, nxt week SEJARAH paper 2 kott. haha. :D maw tak baca jenuh karang cik oi. ;) but tu la kan, still wasting my time . bukan xrealize. just buat2 x realize la kot. :D

enuf crapss,
back to the main point , yes friday. as usual , im packed with my class la. addmath at 5 then nite chemistry.

oh , nearly fogot . tdi ada paper math 1 & sej 1.
quite okay la. normal buat org yg xrajin ni. wohhooo. like seriously mata pon makin berat mcm da besii. gtg. hve to wake up early sok
:( , ada org nk g UUM and again i have class. :)

i love you.