Saturday, March 6, 2010

friday :D

here come my veryy first post :)

it just dat i dun reli hve time lah. huu. sgt busyy , and yet
now exam week plak . so this nite meng-sengkangkan mata not to study lah, but neh la ON9. bigg problem! :D

my exact plan is : baca sejarah . well, nxt week SEJARAH paper 2 kott. haha. :D maw tak baca jenuh karang cik oi. ;) but tu la kan, still wasting my time . bukan xrealize. just buat2 x realize la kot. :D

enuf crapss,
back to the main point , yes friday. as usual , im packed with my class la. addmath at 5 then nite chemistry.

oh , nearly fogot . tdi ada paper math 1 & sej 1.
quite okay la. normal buat org yg xrajin ni. wohhooo. like seriously mata pon makin berat mcm da besii. gtg. hve to wake up early sok
:( , ada org nk g UUM and again i have class. :)

i love you.