Monday, January 24, 2011

do you have problem to make a choice ?

okay , the title already explain it all

Do you ?

I do , seriously i do have problem when it comes to choose something or to buy anything .
even on a small matters . Like what ?

what to eat ? normal question that always pop up in my mind every day .

simple thing isnt ? but it become a problem to me . And i may ending up eating what i dont want to , then for self satisfaction i will eat again , HAHA . okay . joking . :D

what to wear ?

true story to be told ; i had once changed my clothes more than 3 times on that particular day before went out ,
why ? because i want to look as simple as i might be and yet not "selekeh" lah , but jangan lah overdressed kan . sakit mata orang memandang pulak :)

not only that , i have to deal with bigger / life changing choice too ,


what field of study should i go into ?

im going to 18 soon , and im still thinking ...

hmmm ,


How to deal with it ,

And for that , i have done some google-ing on this , and to summarise that ,
here there are

  • Listen to your heart / instincts but dont let them get over you okay ? berpada pada lah .

  • List our choice / alternatives , then you can recheck what you really really needs .

  • time is always on your side meaning dont let yourself influence by the emotion of the moment . put some time between now and when you make the decision .

  • Just make the choice ! " Not all decisions are equal so don’t waste your time. You don’t need to follow steps fto decide on small matter such what to eat dont you ? "so just make the decision okay ?

  • make the choice fix & concrete , once you made up your mind . stop thinking about it okay ? or else you may get yourself in trouble :)

Thats its for now ,

Adios people !

Muchos love , Fyna .

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