Friday, December 10, 2010

yes or no ?

i need your opinion,
trying to get used of this .
please . leave your coment here or at the shoutmix .
say YES if you think this is nice or NO if you dont think it suits me .
Thanks for your cooperation (;


  1. hah !! sesuai2. try yg gpsy pulak. mybe ok jgak. gpsy more cool. :) for me. :D

  2. wohoho , memang plan afta spm nak shopping tudung . haha . gypsy ? haha . baik . (: thx .

  3. wowowooow. ukehh!!
    sis fyna pkai inner shawl kan?
    ada tertas tak kat hujung inner tu?
    \tp kan.. klu tertas inner tu nnt bila kita pkai shawl dpa igt kita pkai tdung kt dlm, padahal kita pkai inner ja. :D
    slamat mencuba.

  4. fairuz : belom tetas ni , but i think nanti nak tetas kot (; oke thanks .

    tauke tudung : trimas (: but still kena sesuaikan diri .