Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i cant work under pressure ( im writing this in hurry :DD )

tsk tsk //

Wow wow wow . Its been really really long time since i havent update this lovely blog ( aiseh ayat tak nak kalah ) But seriously sorry guys . I am so busy busy . ( ayat aku macam orang lain tak busy kan , aku ja busy dalam dunia ni . uhurm ) Yeahh . Im in kl right now , " enjoying " my mid term break accompanied with tonnes of lovely task and assignments , how sweet :)

i think i need to manage my time more wisely . I have bad time management i guess . Today tertidor secara sengaja lama pulak tu then now im updating my blog ? padahal I was so determined to complete all my task by today due to i have plan for tomorrow and this Friday im going back to perlis sudah . Saturday - back in Merbok . How fast time flies nowdays ? kan ? kan ? But when it comes to belajar or having kelas , lambat pulak rasa masa berlalu nak tunggu cuti . Manusia manusia .

Oh yeahh ! i hd changed my song of the week ? sedih tak lagu ? sedih tak ? sila menyampah sekarang . And yea im going to watch harry potter tomorrow night , ok honestly im not a big fan of Harry pottahh ( british accent ) but im willing to accompany my best friend , Atul & my love as i know they are big fan of harry pottah . I was glad to do so :) and yes sangat terkilan cuti tak balik Kangaq lama lama , tak dapat jumpa my other best friend . Guys , if u read this . Only heaven knows how much i miss us , miss our fun time together :)

and when i was doing my work , i come out with this quote

"In order to achieve what you want , there will surely be some sacrifices AND sacrifices will NEVER been easy & comfortable to fit in "

Memang sekarang banyak pengorbanan yang diperlukan . Banyak . Im having my hard time this year but still i thanks to ALLAH . kalau kita susah , ada orang lagi susah . A person once said to me that " bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada nasib baik boleh jumpa juga family , kalau kita duduk lagi jauh macam mana ? "

All right . Thats it . Gonna take my shower , refresh up my body & soul and BACK TO WORK . gambatee ! haiyakk . Be positive people !

Till we meet again . Take care everyone ! :D


  1. okay nanti try chezy chicken xtau lah bila pulak nak pi.hee :D