Sunday, June 6, 2010

new baby .

lastly , i had chance to hold and touch my dad new baby , HAHA. actually , i hd been waiting for this moment lama dah , dah pujok abah beli long long time ago, and yes, he finally bought . D500 is LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE . this is not formally mine of coz , the whole family can use it whenever they needed, ;D

just now , my bro , fizal ( we are closed now due to sharing of this new cam , kah3 ) teach me slightly bout how to handle and basic only , lagipon dia pon baru jgak nak get used , fuhhh ! best kot ! thank u ABAH for supporting our passion. WE LOVE YOU .

and , seriously , IM LOOKING FORWARD to photography now ! maybe next week i'll try to upload some pic using dat cam , sebab this coming sunday , my elder bro , SHAFIQ akn bertunang, GOLDEN time untuk bergambar .

to jat qebal ; we will bought one nanti kan kan kan ? ;) i know its ur passion too . so , lets get some saving from now on. yeahhhh!!

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