Wednesday, June 9, 2010

human nature ,

you may say that i really care so much about tiny matters , small things , REMEH TEMEH thinggyy , oh maybe lah kan its true , or maybe not ?

you cant blame me on that , im a GIRL , WOMAN-TO-BE , thats our nature ;)

however , i must respect yours too . i mean what we call " men's nature kot "

1 . you always not paying attention on what im telling you.
2. you deal with HUGE MATTER as they are SMALL MATTER .
3. EGOISTIC is all over you .
4. sometimes FRIENDS is everthing compared to your girl.
5. hate to feel like A FOOL .
6. hate when your GIRL act like UR MOM .
7. sometimes can act completely like a BABY . want to be pampered .

these are facts that i get from my own LIFE ;)

oh not to forget , to my <3>

dear , i love you just the way u are , i know , we argued things , had fight on small matter , but yet THANKS for always be with me .i love when we laugh for no reason ,.
OH BELIF ME , this guy actually is the only person instead of my FAMILY that can stand with my behaviour , i annoyed him , drive him crazy , ask him to follow me here and there , cried on small matter ,
yet he's still here by my side ;)

*( aku rasa mcm lari tajuk dah ni. HAHA. whatever ! ;p )

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