Saturday, July 10, 2010

thanks is the magic word

thx to everyone for today ;

1. to MR LEE for the class this morning , like i said in FB , if not i still on my bed , tido maa , :) thx again . chemistry is beautiful okayh :)

2. to my classmates yg ajak aku join mkn KFC ( mana ada mnda len dh ) HAHA. i had fun with you guys :)

3. to mr jat qebal :D for spending time together , even we didnt plan pon nk hang out today. thanks for not letting me merayau kangaq alone while waiting for mr halim's class ;)

4. to MAMA & ABAH cause bagi adik melilau . HAHA . tik paham ka?

5. to Cikgu Ina for call off BM class for tonight . so , i have time to finish up piles of homeworks . ngee !

6. to all yg care bout me :) i appriciate you guys so much . thx <3

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